Rossetti Group Gestione Servizi Vigilanza S.r.l.

Rossetti Group is a Private Security Company specialist in the field of Private Security and Corporate Security and in the field of Passive Defense Integrated Technological Systems for over 20 years.

Our Core Business is the safety of our customers and, thanks to twenty years of experience, we can boast strengths such as: variety of services, quality certification, staff training.

The experience gained and the continuous renovation of the structures have allowed us to be able to be operational with new high quality and competitive solutions on the market, offering integrated solutions all inclusive, for the safety of homes, offices, shops, shopping centers, companies.

We operate in Northern Italian regions and, especially in Lombardy, in the provinces of Lodi, Milan, Monza-Brianza, Cremona, Pavia, Bergamo, Brescia, in Emilia Romagna in the province of Piacenza and Piedmont in the province of Alessandria.

Our services for businesses, homes and offices

Operative Center active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, is manned by qualified and trained staff in the use of the technological systems. The remote management of the systems allows to remotely reach all connected alarm systems including CCTV systems and allows operators to supervise the equipment, analyze and evaluate the most suitable intervention for the resolution of the detected event.

Our Operations Centre is UNI CEI EN 50518:2014 certified

The security services, we offer our customers, include:
– Fixed surveillance and inspection;
– Emergency services;
– Anti-theft surveillance;
– Anti-shoplifting;
– Remote surveillance;
– Tele-surveillance and video-surveillance;
– GPS localization system

Escort service and value transport are carried out throughout the national territory with the use of armoured and non-armoured vehicles. All vehicles are equipped with passive safety devices and GPS trackers. The Escort and Security Transport Division offers the following services:
– Escort service and value transport:
– Custody service;
– Money treatment service and similar assets,
– ATM management.

Through a specific Division, the porocedures relating to the management of trust services are organized in a functional and effective way, with the employment of collaborators prepared to carry out the assigned tasks with due skill and diligence, such as:

– Unarmed day and night guard;
– Control Room operators;
– Reception services – GDO assistance;
– Access control for people and goods,
– Receptionists, outsourced switchboard operators,
– Doorman and Hostess service
– Archive management

Rossetti Servizi Integrati S.r.l.
The integrated Services Division avails itself of the collaboration of specialized techicians for:
the design of safety systems;
the installation of safety systems;
preventative and corrective maintenance of safety systems.

Our solutions for businness, homes and offices are:
Anti-theft and anti-intrusion systems,
Access control systems,
Video-surveillance systems,
Smoke detection.


As proof of the commitment in implemanting quality standards of the organisation of service delivery, we work with the following Quality Certificationes issued by primary Certifying Agency:

ISO 9001:2015

UNI EN ISO 10891:2000

UNI EN ISO 50518:2014

Our Techincal Directors are certified Security Manager in accordance with sandard UNI 10459:2015.

Regualr insurance policy signed with Lloyd’s of London grants the insurance coverage against main risks associated with the performance on the all services.


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