The two faces of Remade®: In Italy and abroad

Have you ever heard of ReMade in Italy?
Companies often want to transfer the high value of “Made in Italy” to products made in Italy from recycled materials.

The ReMade in Italy label communicates the use of recycled materials in certified products and the resulting environmental impact.

Recently, the label’s revision has been completed and the REMADE ® certification has been introduced.

It is now possible to certify the content of recycled materials in manufactured products, not only in Italy but also including those produced in the other countries.

What is the REMADE ®?
REMADE® is an Accredia-accredited environmental product certification scheme that allows a company to declare the content of recycled materials and/or by-products in a material, semi-finished or finished product of any type (even composed of different materials).

It can be applied both in Italy and abroad.

Bureau Veritas Italia, a certification body accredited by REMADE ® for many years, is currently leading the way in managing the transition to new specifications, opening to the certification of new companies, and allowing the market enhancement of materials that were previously not certifiable, such as internal by-products.

How does Remade work?
The new REMADE ® is a decisive step that paves the way for the certification of new companies, also at international level, and enables the market valorization of materials that were previously not certifiable: internal by-products.

The previous ReMade in Italy ® mark continues to exist, and is granted to those who make materials with recycled content (or byproducts) mainly in Italy and want to highlight this aspect.

The standards have been validated by ACCREDIA, which has published Circular DC 55/2023 to regulate the transition of accredited bodies.

The technical specifications have been updated to comply with European and international legislation.

Marco Cataldi, Circular Economy Manager of Bureau Veritas Italia, said: “We are proud to have completed the transition to the new REMADE® scheme in a timely manner. In a context where Europe is moving fast on these issues, we have moved quickly to enable companies to face the global challenges of the circular economy, not only in Italy, but throughout Europe and the world”.