SWEET HOME: Sustainable caps for home fragrances

due tappi Sweet Home

We’re happy to introduce Sweet Home: our sustainable caps and accessories for your home fragrances that communicate your love for the planet!


due tappi Sweet Home

For the Sweet Home line we reuse our scraps of cork to develop attractive, concretely sustainable closures and diffusers.

Actually Sweet Home accessories are made of Mixcycling® Sughera, a material that reuses our scraps of cork, reduces the use of non-renewable resources and the CO2 emissions.


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The Sweet Home accessories are soft and velvety.

They are pleasant to the touch and to the eye.

The Sweet Home caps stimulate the senses of the consumers and makes the user experience comfortable.

The cork fibers on the surface of the accessories communicate their natural soul and make everyone different from each other.

esempi di diffusori Sweet Home

Want to know more about our lines of sustainable packaging?

Take a look at our website: you’ll find more info about our materials and applications.