Mixy, our sustainable jar


Mixy is our little sustainable jar for cosmetics and make up that communicates a great message:

the love for beauty, design and especially for the planet.

Mixy-economia circolare-03

Mixy is a little jar made of our scraps

Mixy is a perfect example of CIRCULAR DESIGN!

Mixy is made of Lignum, one of Mixcycling® materials that gives a second life to scraps of FSC wood of our turning

Wooden chips, which otherwise would be discarded, become a precious dress for Mixy, a natural soul which makes it unique: 

no Mixy is alike, each Mixy is a unique piece.

These recycled fibers represent a real treasure of sustainability: thanks to this organic component 

Mixy drastically reduces the use of non renewable resources  and CO2 emissions.  

Mixy-economia circolare-01

You can reuse Mixy as many times as you want!

Don’t throw away Mixy!

It can stay with you for a long time and can be reused as many times as you want thanks to its 5 ml refill cup.

Mixy is tactile, attractive, natural. 

It doesn’t need many words to communicate the natural essence of your brand. 

It just does it, simply because it is made of nature.


Want to know more about Mixy? Take a look at this link!