Sensy, our sustainable cap for perfumes

Sensy lancio-04

Sensy is our sustainable cap for perfume to see, to touch, to feel.

A real sensory experience that anticipates the pleasure of being surrounded by your fragrance.
But it’s not just this: Sensy is a sustainable cap that communicates your love for the planet.

Sensy LANCIO-1

Sensy: the second life of our cork scraps

Sensy is a perfect example of a CIRCULAR DESIGN application and represents the new aesthetic of sustainability. 

Sensy is made of Sughera, one of the blends Mixcycling®: a material that reuses our industrial scraps of cork and gives them a new life.

These recycled fibers are a true treasure of sustainability: thanks to this organic composition, Sensy drastically reduces the use of non-renewable resources and the CO2 emissions. 

Sensy communicates your love for the planet

The texture created by the cork fibers on the surface of the cap stimulates the senses of the consumer and communicates the natural soul of your fragrance.

Sensy communicates the personality of your brand

Sensy is soft and velvety: it is a multisensory cap.

It is available in three different models, in different colors and can be customized with your logo.

With the right combination of material, color and logo, Sensy will communicate the personality of your brand!



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