Teicos: Networking Infrastructure for company growth

Today, the Networking Infrastructure represents an enabling element for company growth, offering a path of continuity to the business, even in complex and unexpected moments as happened with the pandemic. Teicos sets itself the task of proposing solutions that enable the Infrastructure to be transformed into a fundamental asset for the digitalisation of company and business processes.

The basic activities carried out by Teicos in this direction include:

– The implementation and certification of structured copper and fibre optic cabling with equipment for Gigabit Ethernet Networks

– WAN and Cloud interconnection

– WiFi networks with authentication and protection systems

– Radio links

Teicos helps companies to build a technological infrastructure that is not a limitation to innovation but an enabling element for digitalisation.


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Teicos supports its customers in the new technological challenges by securely connecting computers, people and objects. Nowadays Teicos offers to customers its knowhow in the digitalisation of companies and the transformation of processes through technology.