Rice: a concentrate of beauty and sustainability!


It is well known that rice is one of the most consumed foods and that its whole version is a real nutritional panacea: a treasure trove of fibers, minerals and phytonutrients that strengthen and protect the body against different diseases.

Not everybody knows that the use of this cereal in the cosmetic field dates back to ancient times in Asia: in China, for example, actors used rice powder to make up their face during the plays. In 1400 European travellers came to know the powder and brought it to Europe where it was used to bleach the color of the aristocrats’ wigs and lighten their skin. 

Today numberless cosmetic companies use ingredients derived from this cereal, such as rice bran oil or rice starch, for their cosmetic formulas for skincare and hair care products.

Guess how much rice waste can be eliminated from the extraction process of these ingredients! Certainly tons! What if this organic waste was a precious resource to be reused?

Using the scraps of the rice chaff (lolla, in italian) to develop a packaging for rice based cosmetics, would reduce the quantity of this waste, would give it a second life, reduce CO2 emissions and photochemical oxidants.

A perfect example of circular design and economy where the pack is made of the scraps derived from the production of its cosmetic content. 

A big percentage of the blend Mixcycling® Lolla is actually made of rice chaff and it is one of Livingcap favourite materials in the design of packaging components, because of its concrete sustainability, its particular aesthetics and its interesting background!

What do you think about reusing your scraps in your packaging?